Playing Penny Slots Online

Normally when you think of penny slots you think that they can only go up to a few dollars for the maximum bet but this is not the case online they will go up several hundred depending on the game you pick to play. For example you might have a 100 line slot machine and a penny bet per line would be a dollar but you can raise that bet up to 20 dollars per line making it be 200 per spin, this is done so high rollers can bet the larger amounts and people who want to bet small can make those bets. They will advertise the games as having a 600,000 payout which does confuse people at times thinking that is on a small wager but the only way you could win that is if you bet big time. Those penny slots get people extremely excited when they see those high jackpots. Not saying that penny slots are not a good thing to play they actually are and you can do well on them but just understanding the pay is just as important.

So as you play these games realize when you bet small you win small, win you bet big you win big. Very few people who win large amounts have actually bet small, they are betting big amounts. Online casinos who offer penny slots actually do pay pretty good, and people win often online large amounts. Just bet with caution and raise bets slowly to get the best results.

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